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    On the far east of the site, “NITAI” stands in front of the main gate. In Ainu language, it means the forest and this wing also has a function as a management center. The lounge area in the public space will serve you welcome drinks on your arrival, afternoon tea or aperitifs before meal and bar times, available any time during your stay.

    * Infants (0 to below 2 year-olds who can sleep together with their parent) are not included in the capacity, but can be used up to 3 people in each building.
    * If you have more than 3 infants, please contact us before booking.
    * 2 year old or older is included in capacity as 1 person.


    Accommodation plan(s) in which this chalet can be selected

    Stay Plan
      Price for 1 chalet(s) ( When used by 2 person(s) ) 116,640 JPY -
      * The above amount is for 1 night.
      Details / Reservations
      1 to 8 persons

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