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    “RERA ”. It represents “wind” in Ainu language, this villa features 3 twin bedrooms with full bathrooms, showers, and a lift in the building. The villa maintains high-quality private space that you will never meet with other guests, due to the distances between the villa and the clubhouse.

    * Infants (0 to below 2 year-olds who can sleep together with their parent) are not included in the capacity, but can be used up to 3 people in each building.
    * If you have more than 3 infants, please contact us before booking.
    * 2 year old or older is included in capacity as 1 person.


    Accommodation plan(s) in which this chalet can be selected

    Stay Plan
      Price for 1 chalet(s) ( When used by 2 person(s) ) 127,440 JPY -
      * The above amount is for 1 night.
      Details / Reservations
      1 to 8 persons

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