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    ROOM WIND(MAX9person)
    *from 1 to 9 people is available.
    * For 6 people or more, 1 person extra charge will apply.
    *the space can be divided into 3 rooms by Fusuma(partition in a Japanese style)
    *this  room plan includes: Private shower room, bathroom, washing and drying machine, kettle, tea set, safe, hair dryer, desk, futon mattresses, towels, body soap and shampoo
    *Free of use(shared):Wi-Fi, dining room, kitchen, fridge, Irori style lounge, bathroom with bathtub.
    *Meals are excluded
    *There's no room or linen cleaning services during your stay
    *No pets or smoking allowed inside of the temple.
    Western-style toilet

    Accommodation plan(s) in which this room can be selected

    Spacious Japanese style room with a view of ZEN garden and private bathroom
      Price per person ( At 1 person(s) per room ) 40,000 JPY - Details / Reservations
      1 to 9 persons

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